Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Just wanted to update all of you.  Olivia fell off of a slide today.  She seemed okay afterwards, but about an hour later she got really sleepy.  When she started vomiting, we took her immediately to the ER.  They did a CT scan which showed no skull fracture or brain bleed.  It looked fine.  We left a few hours later and the discharge papers stated that Olivia has a cerebral concussion.  She is still not doing all that well. . .sleeping on and off and still vomiting.  Lots of prayers please.  Thanks

Update 10 pm -

Olivia has been asleep since about 7 pm.  We have to wake her every 2 hours to check on her.  We woke her up around 9 pm and she said her name was Olivia and instantly recognized her favorite companion, Gogum.  So, that is a good sign.    She is acting, however,  like she’s really sick with the flu, which I’m learning is common with concussions.  Please please pray that she starts acting like herself by tomorrow.  I foresee a Dora marathon all day tomorrow!   Thank you all for praying for Olivia.  I worry so much about her anyway. . .to throw something like this in the mix. . .I’m a wreck. 


Jamie said...

Hope she gets better soon! I'm sure that was scary to have to take her to the ER.

Kerry said...

Hoping and praying for a speedy recovery for my favorite little girl.

Holli Taylor said...

Aww..Livi. We're thinking of you tonight and hoping you feel lots better very soon!

Anonymous said...

Oh no! That is scary I'm sure! Keep us posted and we'll keep praying!

Stacie said...

Saying prayers for your sweetie tonight. I hope that she will recover quickly and that you will have some peace tonight.
Thinking of you all.