Thursday, August 8, 2013

Abigail's Turn

This girl warms my heart so much. It's interesting the things that I can do with her that I could never have done with Olivia. Abigail will be presenting me with a whole new set of challenges, however. For instance, she can already unscrew the jar of Cetaphil lotion ( I unfortunately discovered today.) Her superb fine motor skills, concentration and determination are gonna get her into trouble, I can tell. LOL! I had to warn Olivia not to leave a half eaten Milky Way within reach. Yep, found her with a chocolate face earlier. I'm gonna have to put safety latches on all the cabinets. Never did that with Olivia.

We got some new guppies this week for our fish tank and Abigail loves sitting and watching the fish. So relaxing.

She also discovered Olivia's baby Butterscotch and is in love!

And, say it with me. . . Awwwww. Gotta love bedtime stories with daddy.

Logan definitely had a hand in choosing just the right addition to our family. She is such a blessing.

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