Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tuesday, September 16, 2008 - Update

My first jean jacket (Thanks Kate!)

Olivia has certainly developed her own opinions lately. For instance, her most recent wild and crazy idea is that she no longer needs to drink her bottle or eat any baby food for that matter. I believe it's due to tooth #2, but it is becoming increasingly frustrating. She's also become a hair puller, diaper dodger, lap squirmer and during bath time. . .a mommy soaker. Honestly, I'm thrilled to see her progressing in these ways. . .except for the bottles. I still worry about her caloric intake as she's barely gained a pound in a month and a half. Let's hope this tooth wiggles its way in and doesn't cause anymore problems (if indeed that's what it is.)


Shea said...

Cute, cute picture! She looks so adorable.

Kim said...

She looks adorable in that jacket. The shirt and pants look a bit familiar too! Don't stress too much over her not eating much. Teeth are terrible, yet wonderful things. When she's ready, you won't be able to feed her enough!

Jodi said...

We call it the Katie clothes line. It's all the rage!