Wednesday, September 5, 2012

First Day Of Preschool

Olivia started her first day (of her last year) of preschool.  Ever since meeting her teacher last week, she has shown no apprehension at all.  Today was no different.  She now attends Kidslink at Pathway Church (formerly Westlink.)  She will be with regular developing peers and receive occupational and physical therapy while there.  She showed such a maturity today that I was just blown away!

photo (62)

photo (63)

photo (57)

photo (58)

Does this not look like a little girl eager to learn or what?

photo (61)

The hallway leading up to her classroom looks like a Main Street with a paved road, lamp posts and store fronts.  She, of course, had to get her picture taken in front of the pet store.

photo (60)

And. . .in front of the fire station. 

photo (59)

She was so excited to get to her room.  We got there early (you know me) and the lights in her classroom were still off.  When they finally turned on, she couldn’t wait to go in.  She was so excited that she forgot to tell me good-bye.  I waited for a bit by the door thinking she’d turn around, but she never did. LOL!  So, it’s now officially harder on me than it is on her.  They were sitting on the floor playing with zoo animals when I left (right up her alley.)  They were instructed to take two and I heard her teacher say, “Now, Olivia. . .you have more than two!” Haha! Of course she probably took a whole pile.  Can’t wait to hear about her day!!!


Amanda said...

Isn't that an awesome feeling?! When they don't cry!! Makes it so nice. At least you have another one to cuddle on the way, or you'd be much sadder. Lol. Go Olivia!! You are an awesome big girl!!! Love you guys!!

Jodi said...

All I found out about her day is that she had Cheez It's. LOL. And I think she missed her toys more than her mama. :(

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