Friday, September 7, 2012

Second Day Of Preschool

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Olivia’s second day of preschool went really well.  Her teacher actually called me afterwards to touch base which really impressed me.  Olivia is doing great!  Her teacher is blown away by her verbalization skills.  The “problem” is, she seeks out her teachers (and probably talks their ears off) and doesn’t interact with the other kids.  I’m sure that is more common in children who grow up without siblings, but Olivia almost prefers the company of adults.  She has friends her age, but they are kids that I introduce to her (cousins, kids of my friends, etc.)  She hasn’t ever gone somewhere and “made” a friend on her own.  I pray for the day that she comes home and tells me about her new friend!! 

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Anonymous said...

i agree with you about this friend thing and siblings. my son is also an only child because his older sister was a preemie who only lived 2 days. he is more comfortable with adults but mainly prefers his parente. we are also very doting parents. I think they will both make friends one day. we just have to pray for them tara