Thursday, September 6, 2012

Baby Sister

I went in today for a cervical length measurement. It was good at 3.5 cm. Her fluids were good and she was just all around perfect. I think she was sleeping because her heart rate was slower than usual and she wasn't kicking and moving all around like normal. Hard to believe that I'm almost 25 weeks and no bed rest in sight. What a blessing! And last night, Olivia got to feel her kick. Poor Olivia thought that she kicked her because she didn't like her. I had to explain a bit and Olivia decided she was probably giving her a high five instead. LOL!


Anonymous said...

YAY! Hooray! Praise the Lord!

Amanda said...

Is it just me? Or is "baby sister" starting to sound like a cute name ;) hey! Bearstain bears did it! So creative. Brother. And sister. All the other bears have names. But they don't. Technically. Lol. Anyone else ever noticed that?! Lol. Ok! That was way off. :)