Saturday, September 8, 2012

A Day At The Fair

Ryan, Olivia and I headed to the state fair today.  What a gorgeous day to be at the fair!  The weather could not have been any nicer than it was today.

photo (62)

Olivia enjoyed making her very own rocket ship in an arts and crafts building.  She flew that thing around all day until it fell apart.  Reminder to self: Help Olivia make a new rocket ship this week. 

photo (61)

We couldn’t miss the pig races.  Our favorite pig was Lindsay Lo”ham.”  Sarah Jessica Porker was a close second. 

photo (60)

Olivia enjoyed playing in a little pink house. . .

photo (63)

and eating her first Pronto Pup.  Yum!

photo (58)

The animals are always a big hit for Olivia.  She really enjoyed feeding the animals in the petting zoo.

photo (65)

Here she is petting a 6 month old baby calf.

photo (64)

Of course, a 5 year old’s trip to the fair would not be complete without riding the rides.  She always enjoys riding rides and has little fear.  If only she was taller, she’d be riding the big kid rides!

So, how does a high risk pregnant lady spend all day at the fair?  With wheels, of course!  Ryan wouldn’t let me go without renting a wheelchair.  He takes such good care of his girls!

photo (59)

And here is Olivia’s first carnival win!  She won a stuffed duck during a game of Lucky Duck.  Apparently, a girl can’t have too many ducks. 

photo (57)

What a fabulous day!  And Olivia was just an angel all day long.  Not a whine or a cry or an “I’m tired.”  I’m just so proud of her all the time.  So lucky to be her mommy!


Anonymous said...

Love it that you got pushed around in a wheelchair! We happened to have one from a grandparent when I was pregnant and that's the only way I could get out too during those "scary" weeks -- it did give me much more of an appreciation of those who are in wheelchairs all the time! Glad you got to get out and enjoy the fair

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