Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Go, Go, Go

Olivia and her cousins at the Wichita Historical Museum.

Today, we went to a local museum with Olivia's cousins, aunts and grandma. The more that I get Olivia out and about and around other children her age, it becomes more apparent to me. I honestly thought all children her age were always "on the go." But, Olivia has a very hard time keeping still. Again, most young children cannot sit still for long, but it is to the extreme with Olivia. She can be in her stroller as long as we're in constant movement, but she would prefer walking around. So, she was not happy going to a museum with all of the stop and go's until I let her walk around.

Here she is zooming around the museum.

And here she was making the rounds at Holli's shower last weekend.

Hopefully, it's something that improves with age. I don't know if it also has to do with the fact that Olivia does not like any kind of containment. It doesn't matter if it's changing her diaper, brushing her teeth, cutting her nails, being held or just giving a simple hug. I often wonder if it's because she was constrained in an isolette for months instead of moving around inside the womb? Is this part of her sensory processing disorder? Is it better to let her get the stimulation she needs or do I need to work on getting her to sit still? I'm sure these are questions that I can ask her developmental pediatrician next month. I just want to know that I'm doing what's best for her.

In other news, she has started asking for her glasses every morning and she wears them all day. We have truly turned a corner and I see that it's really helping her eyes. What a blessing!


Anonymous said...

Most kids her age.. anywhere from 18 months to about 2 or 2 1/2... that I've ever known (including my own neice (who I raised through that age) and nephew (especially HIM) and all the kids I had when I was working at a day care are like that.

They've just recently found their mobility (ie started walking) and are learning their independence. They think the world belongs to them and it's their job to check it all out!

I read this or heard it somewhere and while a little brass, it does ring true...

"Isn't it funny how we spend months and months teaching them to walk and talk... then spend the rest of our lives telling them to sit down and shut up!"

Don't worry about Olivia. It's totally normal for a 2 year old to never want to sit still. She's perfect!

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Its true, Maddie did the same thing. She hated getting her diaper changed and her teeth brushed. I believe she is just getting independent and thinks she doesn't have time for the little things when she could be playing. I love your glasses, Olivia, and I am so glad you are liking them because they are beautiful on you.

Amanda said...

lol... well.. you should have invited me and NATHAN to the museum and they could've not sat still together! Nathan sat MAYBE a total of 20 seconds at Jakes soccer practice last night... no kidding.. he....does...not....sit. So either they are both crazy, or both normal.. lol... Im going with normal.. :) She's not even two yet.. Believe me... the amount they change from 2-3 is lightyears! Jake was "crazy" too.. he NEVER sat at storytime when al the other kids seemed to be perfectly sitting like angels.. I thought he'd never sit.. and now? He's awesome.. he loves it.. and sits still... believe me.. she will eventually sit :) Again, so glad to see her out and about and in a group pic!! how cute!!

Kim said...

Jodi- If you are comparing her to Kaleb, then don't. Out of all of our kids, he is the one that is the most content to just sit and ride in his stroller. NONE of the rest of them would have sat there that long. I think that Kaleb does as well as he does because he's the 4th one and just has to. We go to entirely too many sports, school, and church events for him to be running all over. He just has to sit for our sanity!

Heather @ boy, girl, and a pug said...

Ella is the exact same way! Kyler was never really like that, but Ella HATES to be contained. Absolutely hates it. Maybe it's a girl thing:)

stacy larson said...

hey jodi,
i have felt the same way as you. conner hates sitting still and the only way he will stay in the stroller is if it's moving. he doesn't even like to be in the car if it's not moving. story time and circle time are a nightmare. i watch other kids sitting there but conner won't even sit down. maybe when they are 2 corrected? i wonder about it all the are not alone!