Saturday, October 3, 2009

Saturday, October 3, 2009 - Update

What a blessing Autumn has been for our family. It's like she was made to fit in perfectly with all three of us. Watching Olivia interact with her warms my heart every time. And, I think Autumn has done more for my depression than medication, counseling and exercise combined. We're learning all about Autumn's schedule and where she likes to sleep. In the mornings and evenings, she is literally attached at the hip, but disappears for 5-6 hours in the afternoon. I learned her favorite spot is in the office closet, on top of these drawers. . .completely hidden by my sweaters hanging up. Before I learned this, I could not find her anywhere. I was sure that she had somehow escaped when the UPS guy came. I was almost in tears when Ryan got home from work because I hadn't seen her in 6 hours and thought I had looked everywhere.

We are working on her table manners and trying to get her to stay OFF the table. She begs for people food worse than a dog. I have to hold her in a headlock while we're eating. . .and last night she still managed to bat my food off of my fork on the way to my mouth. Then, I caught her finishing up Olivia's left over macaroni and cheese this afternoon before I got it put up. It probably doesn't help when I catch Olivia sneaking her goldfish crackers. But, Autumn has definitely become one of the family and passed the ultimate test.


Becky said...

Yay! I'm so happy for you guys! Autumn looks like a sweetheart of a kitty, and I'm glad she's fitting into your family so well. AND has passed the ultimate test. lol. I ran across some info this week that I thought was interesting. This one states that if cats are eating food with gluten, it produces bacteria on the skin which in turn causes more cat dander and thus allergies.
I haven't researched it yet, but thought it was an interesting topic. I also did some research into food that is gluten free and higher in protein and came across this:
Sometimes Domingo has issues with throwing up, and I'm wondering if changing his food to gluten-free far would help. I'll let you know. :-) Meanwhile, I'm so happy that Autumn is working out and bonding with all of you! Congrats!

Chris and Machel said...

It is amazing what pets can do. Our oldest lab is 3.5 years old and guided me through several very difficult times. There is something about their companionship that is a blessing.

Now, for food and getting Bella to eat...what can I say, it's NOTHING we are doing. The child just loves to take a bottle or eat from a spoon. She is not phased by the taste of anything. Some of the jars I feed her I am totally suprised that she doesn't just spit it back at me with a, "Really? You expect me to eat that? You do it!" Her acid reflux is small, although she does have it. And it doesn't slow her down. What scares me is that she finds too much comfort in eating. Or it may just be that Chris & I love food and she inherited that. I wish I could be more helpful. If I think of anything that might help, you know I will pass it along. Much Love, Machel

Sherri said...

I am so happy that Ryan is allowing Autumn to be apart of your family. So far it looks like she was then Angel you have been looking for.

If you want to come by, I have an award for you. I LOVE following you thru this blog. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Try a spray bottle of water to train Autumn to where you want her. She can be trained to stay off the food table and counters.
Try that.