Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Free To Good Home

No, not my kitty. :) I think I'm going to need to get rid of my houseplants. Autumn is obsessed with them. I know that many plants are toxic to cats and I'm not sure what kind many of mine are. Some are a mixture of many plants, including one peace lily, which I know are dangerous. I really, really hope Hilga is not on the toxic list. Yes, I name my favorite plants. I bought Hilga back in 2001 when I moved into my first apartment, so she's been with me for a long time. I think she's some sort of fig tree. Hopefully, Hilga can stay, but I may need to get rid of the rest. It was so cute because Olivia knows not to mess with the plants and I've never had any problems. So, when she saw Autumn messing with them, she kept saying, "No, no Kiki! No no!" Then, she would look at me like, "She's not listening, mom! I know NEVER to mess with no-no's"

Autumn is doing well, although I can't find her most of the time. Her favorite spots include behind the washer and dryer (do you know how filthy it is back there?) and behind the couch. She is exploring a lot more, but remains terrified of Olivia. Olivia is just tickled to death, however, that there is a kitty in the house. She laughs every time she sees her. I take Autumn into the vet on Thursday for her first check-up. She is really skinny and I haven't yet seen her eating, so I hope she's okay.

Did you hear that I have a kitty?


mint said...

always heard to put "moth Balls" around plants....might be worth a try!

Sherri said...


I just have to comment here. Elise was given a cat(sadly we only had him a week). But when we first got the kitty, Elise too was filled with glee! That poor thing didn't have a change. But once the kids went to sleep he slowly started to be comfy with all of us. Then he just built up tolerance. I am sure your new kitty will too :D

Kerry said...

I really liked this post. Very cool. I hope Autumn fits right in to your family. I hope to meet her soon!