Friday, October 2, 2009

Friday, October 2, 2009 - Update

My sweet Olivia Paige

I'm so tired of this H1N1 stuff. I worry enough about Olivia's health. . .I don't need this. I'm especially tired of hearing about a heartbreaking death followed by "but he/she had other underlying health conditions." For one, that doesn't calm the fears of the parents whose children have underlying health condtions and two, they say it as if that particular person's life wasn't as important as those whose health is impeccable. Now, I know Olivia has been doing amazingly well (miraculously well, actually) but, that doesn't erase the fact that she was born at 23 weeks with lungs that are scarred. I worry so much about something happening to Olivia. . .it almost torments me at times. I think the addition of Autumn to our family is helping me with that. It sort of gives me something else to think about and animals are great stress reducers. Thankfully, Autumn is fitting in really well. . .otherwise I would have something else to WORRY about. Poor cat doesn't really have much leeway. . .if she showed any amount of aggression towards Olivia, she would have to find another home. Autumn, however, doesn't have a mean bone in her body. Not to toot my own horn, but I'm a pretty good judge of character. . .especially when it comes to those of the furry variety. Autumn is an amazing cat. The only problem we are having with her is that she is throwing up a lot. Am I just destined to be around vomit? I have no idea, but I've enlisted the help of my vet (as well as any of you that may have ideas?) Please continue to pray that she wins over the heart of my husband. He's a bit tougher to win over than Olivia and me. So far, his allergies have been okay, but we keep Autumn out of the bedroom and our house is actually cleaner than it was before the cat. But, a two year old lives here. . .so what do you expect?


Tonya J. said...

just keep in mind that H1N1 is no more dangerous than the normal flu. People are just hyping up about it because it'll eventually mutate. We've got a preemie neighbor, and he came down with it, and he's just fine.

Anonymous said...

The cat vomit - I think you said that Autumn came from a rescue shelter??? Well if that's the case, she may well have been very hungry at some point in her life and would devour any amount of food she could get her paws on. Now she is in a stable environment with regular food, it is possible that she is simply eating too fast, or too much, and her little stomach is just unable to cope at the moment. Or maybe you need to change to 'sensitive' cat food (cat food for cats with sensitive digestive systems).
As for swine flu - I am with Tonya. It is just flu. The government is creating a lot of drama!

Sherri said...

I know you are busy busy busy, but just in case you would like yet another award, I have one for you on my blog.

You know I hear ya as far as all this flu stuff. Its just sick. I have heard ther is alot circulating around Wichita and I am not happy. I know a kid in Gannon's old class last year has a confirmed case :( But I agree with you it doesn't make either party for safe at all!

I am not sure what I will come up with this year. My kids will NOT be getting any of these vaccines so we are beefing up our vitamin intakes right now...and doing alot of praying :D