Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wednesday, July 22, 2009 - Update

I can't believe that Olivia is going to be two next month! It's a little hard because I know developmentally. . .she is nowhere near two. I can't help but remember, however, that last year at this time, she wasn't even able to sit up. She didn't pass that milestone until after her first birthday (and eye surgery.) Look how far she has come! The random person who asks how old she is doesn't know all this and I won't go into explaining it all. So, I just make up some random age. I wish that wouldn't be the first question that people ask because it's a tough question to answer. For most, it's probably the simplest of answers. Why can't they just ask what her name is?

This illness is going much better than the last few mainly because she doesn't fight me as much with the bulb syringe. Funny story. . . .her favorite book is Rhyming Dust Bunnies. There is a part in the book where the dust bunnies are sucked up by the vacuum cleaner and she loves the sound I make. She makes the sound herself all of the time. Sucking snot out of her nose makes a similar noise and she thinks it is hilarious. Of course, every time I clean her nose out, it reminds her of the book and I have to read it for the millionth time, but that's a small price to pay. :) She's such a silly girl!

Oh, one more story. . .I'm trying to teach her to use crayons. She just does not understand the concept and gets so angry when I put the crayon in her hand to make her draw. She thinks crayons are only meant to be shook. Today, she got really angry and threw the crayon down the stairs. . . .hitting the wall on the way down. . .and leaving a nice, blue mark. Does that count as her first artistic expression?


Amanda said...

I cant believe shes 2 either! I cant belive Ive followed your blog and known you now for 2 years! I cant believe how great shes doing! shes awesome! AND! lol.. ya know what I did?! Nathan will be 2 ya know in a couple weeks too... so I went and bought his card the other day... uh.... it was a musical, not cheap card.. and I brought it home.. and showed Rodney.. uh.. Nathan IS NOT turning ONE!! I bought the 1 year old card!!! Thing is... I TOTALLY KNEW I bought the 1 year old card! I thought this was his first birthday!!!! LOLOL... imagine my shock when I now realize my kid is TWO!!...lolol.. totally just not thinking.... but too funny..Natey doesnt like crayons either.. he just throws them with that..she is "right on" with the age he only says about 10 dont be discouraged with that..however it seems as though she says quite a few things.... thats awesome! welp. gotta go! Shes a cutie :)

stacylarson said...

i know what you mean. i have been saying conner is 1 1/2 for months. now i really don't know what to say. conner is way behind. i don't think he will ever catch up.

Anonymous said...

I don't know in which milestones she is delayed but she doesn't seem to be that far behind. You write about her all the time and about how she walks and climbs and makes all the appropriate animal sounds. No matter where you go or who you meet, people will judge you and your child and your husband and your life. It's unavoidable. I used to teach gymnastics and while heavily pregnant I was still teaching kids in the gym. I remember one woman commenting about how I was not setting a good example for children by being a teenage mother! I was 29 years old and married 3 years at that stage! I was a gymnast and therefore quite petite and blessed with youthful looks! People also thought I was the babysitter or the nanny because I certainly did not look my age! However, it seems that the 'strain' of having 3 children has taken a toll on my external youthful appearance! I NEVER am mistaken for a teenage mum or a nanny now! Anyway, I suppose what I am trying to say is, everyone catches up at some stage. I think you should simply tell people that Olivia is 2 years old. The people who don't know you and ask Qs about Olivia will probably never meet you again and therefore you should not worry about how they judge you or Olivia. The people who do know you will never ask her age or judge her.

Anonymous said...

And tomorrow she will be 16! HA! And you'll be thinking, how is it that I'm still 29? She's catching up with me! LOL