Saturday, March 7, 2009

Here Kitty Kitty

Me and my kitty
Come back here kitty!
My mommy won't let me keep him.

Well, I finally got pictures of the cat that comes to see us when we go for walks. I'm pretty sure he belongs to one of our neighbors. . .although I think he spends most of his time outside. Olivia loves him! He reminds me of my favorite cat of all time, Caleb, who was one of the strays that I took care of at my apartment. He even looks like Caleb without the bit of gray. What a sweetheart. . .so very gentle and loving and always purring. I'd love to have a cat. Unfortunately, my mom is allergic to cats so I never had one growing up and then I marry a man who is allergic to cats. So, what do I do? I get guinea pigs that I am allergic to. Olivia and I will just have enjoy this sweet kitty who comes to visit us every once in awhile.


23 Weekers said...


Dr. William Park is with Envision. He is new to Wichita. He used to work side-by-side in the OR with my ROP specialist is MI. They know each other very well. He is the first that has said that he can measure K&C's visual acuity. He has special tests and machines to do this. Envision is for Low Vision and the blind. They have an entire trained team to help with the evaluation. I would go see him for a second opinion. We're pretty excited about what he can do for my kids. I know that he won't be able to give Kinnick 20/20 vision, but he can give her the most vision with what she has to work with.

Candice said...

Y'all come on, we'd love to have you! We are all close to one another... "close" in Texas meaning in the same city vacinity, which could be an hour away. Haha.

Amanda said...

The first pic of her and the cat is too cute...she does look like shes saying.."this is my kitty" :) cute!