Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tuesday, August 10, 2010 - Update

Well, I was bad today and gave Olivia one of her birthday presents early.  It is incredibly hot outside and we were bored and finger painting sounded like fun, so she got her smock and finger paints early.  She did really good.  She’s like me in that she doesn’t like her hands messy.  After painting for a bit, she asked to wash her hands.  We washed them and I assumed that she was done, but she wanted to paint again.  Each time she dipped her fingers into the paint, she wanted to wash them.  :)  She created quite the masterpiece and we had a lot of fun doing it.  Now, for something else to occupy the remaining hours of the day. 






Kim said...

Looks like a great one to hang on the wall! I love to hang up our kids' art. It's so much fun to watch their minds work to create a masterpiece. Can't wait to see her future projects!

Amanda said...

Aww..thats the cutest little smock I've ever seen :)

Anonymous said...

If she likes that...have you tried letting her paint with pudding? I have read it, but never done it. They get to paint and if they want lick it off or eat it...Might be a good way to sneak in a few more calories and help with her motor development!

Julie Hamlett

Anonymous said...

Hey send some of that heat our way. I never liked getting my hands dirty either. So cute.