Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday, August 13, 2010 - Update

We recently took down the baby gate and Olivia is enjoying her newfound freedom.  She now brings toys from downstairs to upstairs and from upstairs to downstairs.  It was convenient being able to separate them. .  :)  Oh well. . .it was time and it’s nice to see a smile on her face just from going up and down the stairs without restrictions. 


Olivia and I had a great time with Stacie and Madison today.  Sorry that we don’t have any pictures of their visit.  It’s really neat to see the two of them interacting more and more.  Olivia talked about Madison coming over all morning long and was giddy when they came to our front door.  We have enjoyed doing that and watching Dora for the bazillionth tenth time.  :)  Olivia has never been a TV watcher. . . until just recently.  She has always liked Dora, but has never watched an entire episode of anything.  Now, she wants to watch Dora over and over again.  I consider it a good thing that she is finally showing interest in things that normal toddlers do.  I just wish I could get the Dora song out of my head. 



Cristi said...

I say Dora is better than Sponge Bob any day!

Kerry said...

I love Swiper. "Swiper, no swiping!" Your little girl is growing up so fast. No more baby gate. Crazy!