Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tuesday, June 15, 2010 - Update

Tomorrow, Olivia has a hearing evaluation that is required by the school district. I'm pretty sure that she can hear just fine as she passed every hearing evaluation as a baby and I can't cough without her waking up. Oh, and the fact that she can repeat the word "onomatopoeia." But, I'm curious to see what they find out and how they actually perform hearing tests on toddlers. She'll definitely not raise her hand when she hears a beep. I almost forgot that she had the test tomorrow or that I'm meeting friends for lunch or that I have to pick up her weighted blanket or that another friend is coming by tomorrow after work. Sheesh. . . that tells me I have a bit too much going on as I usually have to cancel something to go to something else. Oh, the days of sitting at home and doing nothing are over. . .thank goodness. Hopefully, I'll find a better way of organizing my days. In college I was the epitome of efficient. . not quite sure what happened but I always feel like I'm forgetting something nowadays.


Kim said...

The hearing test will only last a matter of seconds. When they did Kaleb's, they did two different tests with two different devices. They'll do one ear at a time. Olivia will hear the beeps (usually 3), but she won't have to do anything. The machine does it all, just like the tests they do when they are born. Super easy!

Amanda said...

When Jake had HIS hearing test, at 3... he didn't raise his hand..he was SUPPOSED to.. but, he didn't/wouldn't?.. lol.. they turned the darn this up as high as it would go! WE could even hear the BEEP!.. it was so loud! lol. and he just sat there... lol.. we kept saying.."I promise, he's not deaf.. maybe he doesn't understand!".. so.. Rodney told him to clap his hands when he heard something... and theeeen he got it.. lol.. so, if she doesn't "get it".. tell her Jake said to clap! :) Good luck! Let us know how it goes!