Saturday, August 3, 2013

Abigail Harper

Abigail went to her first movie yesterday, Despicable Me 2. She did pretty good. I never would have dreamed of taking Olivia to a movie at 8 months. She would not have sat still and because she projectile vomited almost every bottle, I never fed Olivia in public.

This girl is super stubborn though and if her mind is set on something, she doesn't give up. For instance, at the movie she wanted to pull the straw out of my cup. And she would not give up, even when I put the cup on the floor. And she is surprisingly really really strong!

Abigail loves her big girl baths! She has loved baths since she was a newborn.

And loves her food, of course. She had her eye on Olivia's grilled cheese and would not give up until she accomplished her goal. Score! I'm hoping she will not be as hard headed as my husband!

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