Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sunday, March 16, 2008 - Update

Olivia is officially sleeping through the night. I actually had to wake her up a little before 7 am because I heard her devouring her hand. She has been doing really well lately. We met with a nutritionist from Rainbows on Friday and our goal is to increase her daily formula intake by about 4 oz (with no vomiting, of course.) We'll see how that goes. She loves her new formula. . . so we have that in our favor.

Yesterday, I actually packed my pump away. It was kind of sad in an odd sort of way. I just hope that she got the benefits that she needed from taking breast milk for about 5 months. I always want to look back knowing that I did everything I could possibly do for Olivia. I hope she always knows how much I love her.


abby said...

Let's hear it for Enfamil AR! In spite of the fact that Hallie turned out to be milk intolerant or allergic, she always did best on that stuff. I am so glad that it's working for Olivia!

Kerry said...

Devouring her hand! That just made me crack up for some reason. I can just see her gumming her little fist. I think that is awesome she is sleeping longer. I think that will do wonders for you too! Love the LOVE pants (I think I've seen those somewhere before...). She looks like such a big girl holding her head up like that! Give her a big (germ free) kiss and hug for me.