Saturday, October 25, 2008

Saturday, October 25, 2008 - Update

Olivia had another Rainbows evaluation on Friday. For the most part, it went well. They believe that she has some sensory disorders. .especially with her hands. I feel that she has come a long way, but she still doesn't put a whole lot of pressure on her hands, doesn't want to hold a bottle, sippy cup, finger foods, etc. We are supposed to introduce her to a lot of different textures and let her stick her hands in different things like a bowl full of pudding. We're also supposed to start some hand massage. She is also going to start being seen by an occupational therapist. Does anyone have any experience with sensory issues and/or exactly what it means? I still don't understand it completely. She's just happy to walk everywhere. That's all she wants to do all day long. She doesn't want to eat, doesn't want to sleep. . .she just wants to walk. She loves walking over to her kitchen. She squeals and laughs as soon as she pulls up on your fingers and begins walking. It's so very adorable. I tell ya, she gets cuter and cuter every day!

We have a busy busy week next week. Olivia has her follow up appointment with the developmental pediatrician on Monday and her 14 month checkup/vaccinations on Thursday. Still no luck on the Synagis front, which still makes me incredibly angry. I have an appointment on Wednesday to discuss what treatment I will have. I already can't wait until next weekend!


Kim said...

So is your back killing you with all that walking around?

Anonymous said...

Hey Jodi. I had to leave you a comment here. Did the Rainbows people tell you she had Sensory Processing Disorder(SPD)? They diagnosed Gannon with SPD when he was getting services around 13 months old. He has came along way, but it was a major effort each day to get him to touch different stuff. He still has issues today with it, but not as bad as when he was Olivia's age. Feel free to email you, and I can tell you all about it.
ps: Gannon also had an OT come out and work with Gannon once/week from Rainbows on such worked wonders :)
Hope to hear from ya soon!
Take Care,

Kathryn said...

I have a minor case of a sensory disorder. I cant stand some things! Eating eggs or anything creamy, touching some fabrics, unfinished cotton ( like cotton balls and the stuff in medicine bottles , and I could not stand to have seams in my socks. Good thing is that I grew out of a lot of it, mostly the sock thing. I went to OT for almost 4 years but for a different reason. They included some of the sensory thing in there too which helped and they helped my poor mother find socks and cotton balls I wouldn't have a fit over.
The disorder is kind of like nails on a chalk board. Ya know how some people just can not stand that noise and they kinda freak out when they hear it ? I get the same reaction with other things. You find ways to cope with it and go around it. I don't find it a problem at all really just a minor inconvenience. Best of luck with the OT, it really is a great thing!

Praying for you guys!

Shanan said...

Kathryn put it best. I have read a lot about it and what I remember most is the seam in the sock thing and that kids with that don't like to go down slides. Not sure why but you can google it and it will give you a lot of information! She is beautiful and will get through this fine like she has everything else.