Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Spring Is In The Air!

I loved being outside today.

Okay Kaleb, on the count of three. . .look anywhere but the camera! 1-2-3!

Cousin Aidan

Look mama! A goat!

Oh, I want to pet you!

No little lambie. . .these are MY snacks!

Come back! I wanted to pet you too!

We went to the zoo for a bit today with Grandma Mary, Aunt Kim, cousin Aidan and cousin Kaleb. We had a great time, although I feel like an awful mom because Olivia got a bit sunburned. We weren't gone that long, she had a jacket and hat on part of the time and the shade pulled down on her stroller. We were rushing out of the house, however, and forgot her sunscreen. There goes my mother of the year. . . .

Olivia could have spent all day in the petting zoo. She was squealing and laughing with delight when the goats and sheep came up to her. I tell ya, that girl is going to be an animal lover like her mama. Watch out Ryan! It sounds like there are more beautiful days ahead this week! Hooray!


Kim said...

We had lots of fun today! I loved watching Olivia with the sheep and goats. Can't wait to do it again!

Amanda said...

WHAT kind of ZOO do you guys HAVE?! LOL... Are the animals allowed to run free around the zoo? And come up to the stroller?! hahaha... our zoo must be the most boring one ever....the lions are in cages and stuff!...LOL...(i know, i know, it was the petting zoo part, right?) anywho! Glad you had a good day! And I loved the caption where both babies arent looking...thats what I always think.."hey, lets look everywhere except the camera!" LOL... Have a great day!!