Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thursday, November 19, 2009 - Update

Sorry that I haven't written lately. Olivia is sick, I am sick and Ryan (who is out of town in a hotel room) is sick. At least we're not throwing up like Ryan. I just have a really bad sore throat and Olivia still has a low grade fever and lots of snot. :) Poor thing is running around saying "nose, nose." We're doing okay. . my mom and Shelley are taking care of us. Autumn is taking good care of me also. She was cuddled up by my side all night. She's more comforting to me than a teddy bear is to a child. I just wish Olivia would sit in bed with me and watch a movie or something. . .She is just as active when sick as she is when well.

Hope all of you are staying well!

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Amanda said...

awww... I'm sorry you guys are BOTH sick now...:( But, I got your card in the mail today and wanted to say thank you!.. You didn't have to do that... the pics of Olivia would have been enough :) I love to get new pics of I can show all my friends here..:) btw... I'm sure I have told you before... about the Vicks on the feet?!... cause you know we do the "natural" stuff... and that one is a life saver!! Also, the liquid echinacea w/zinc... it's a natural vitamin.. and anytime the boys barely get a sniffle I give it to them and it always seems to help really fast!.. Just a couple suggestions :) if I havent told you the foot thing... write me and I will tell you the "trick"... hope you all get well soon!