Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Olivia and I decided to take daddy out to lunch today. We met him at work and decided on Spangles at the last minute. We placed our order and got ready to pay when we were informed that our meal was already paid for. It seems that some kind person paid $100 to pay for other people's meals. What a generous thing to do! Last week, someone shoveled our driveway. Sometimes the world seems like such a cruel place, but there are so many people who truly define what kindness and generosity mean. I still remember a gift card that we received anonymously while Olivia was in the hospital. It warms my heart to remember it. I read another blog called All Dolled Up and someone anonymously paid off their medical bills!! I can just see God smiling down on people who do such random acts of kindness. It makes the world such a wonderful place.


Julia said...

Reminds me of the time a stranger handed me a book and said, "I enjoyed this book, read it an pass it on."

Stacie said...

I love hearing of stories like this. It's nice to know that there really is goodness and good people all around us.

We had Spangles for lunch yesterday too. Must have been the place to go! :)

Hope you girls have a great day.