Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tuesday, February 23, 2010 - Update

Grandma Mary watched Olivia today and I was able to rest up. I appreciated it so much. I also heard that Mary was getting her haircut today with Kim (Ryan's sister) and Olivia's cousins. They all go to the same lady who cuts their hair every 6 weeks or so. Olivia has needed a haircut very badly, but I've been terrified to go back. The last two times have been disastrous. Remember THIS: Olivia's first haircut? Well, they agreed to take Olivia with them to get her haircut. I guess she did wonderfully! I don't know if it was because I wasn't there or if she saw the other kids getting their hair cut or if it helped that grandma stood up instead of sitting with her in the chair. Maybe Jatena is that good at cutting kids' hair or Olivia is outgrowing some of her fears. She was such a big girl and now she has a cute little bob. Thank you, Mary and Kim, for taking on one more child and making things so easy on me today. I don't know how to thank you!!!


Laura said...

Grandma's going to love that picture of herself! Glad to hear Olivia did well with her haircut. Hope you feel better soon.

Kim said...

Olivia did awesome! She really enjoyed her time getting her hair cut and playing with the kids. It was fun listening to her talk about everything on the car ride home.

I've been going to Jatena for 15 years. She has cut each one of my kids' hair since they had enough hair to cut. Olivia seemed to really like her, and I was impressed that she even hugged her when we left.

Laura, as for grandma's hair...I thought the same thing and then decided that she just "took one for the team"!

Amanda said...

Good Job Olivia! Well, ? , I guess you send her with them everytime :)