Thursday, November 4, 2010

Thursday, November 4, 2010 - Update

IMGP6513 (2)

Every once in awhile, you capture those really cute and natural smiles.  :)  Olivia was watching Leapfrog’s “The Letter Factory” which is her new favorite.  It has Leapfrog Lily in it who is one of Olivia’s dearest friends.  She was thrilled to learn that Lily is actually in a movie.  And, have I told you how funny Olivia is?  She is one of those naturally funny people and is constantly cracking me up.  We went trick or treating at Ryan’s work last week and a lady had one of those bowls with the hand sticking out of it.  Well, it scared Olivia to death. . .so much that she is still talking about the scary hand.  In fact, she even made up a song about it called the Scary Hand Song.  She is constantly telling people (even strangers) about her Scary Hand Song and I have to hurry and give them the back story.  She’s just so funny.

Anyway, Olivia had an eye appointment on Monday that didn’t go all that well.  In addition to the 45+ minute wait for the appointment and 20+ more minutes in optical. . .we didn’t get quite the good news that we wanted.  Her change in lenses doesn’t seem to be improving her strabismus.  We are now adding the bifocal back in to see if that will help with the focusing.  Then, it’s on to a second surgery (she had her first at a year old.)  With some kids, even glasses and surgery cannot  improve strabismus.  I have even had someone, while discussing Olivia’s eye crossing, tell me, “You know, there’s a surgery for that.”  Unfortunately, there is no 100% cure.  A belief in that causes many people to think that parents like myself aren’t doing everything we can for our children.  They think, “Why aren’t they getting their eyes corrected?”  My main goal is to give her the best vision possible and that is what we’re working towards. 


Heather @ Cancer Mommy said...

Oh some people. Did you knock them out after they said that? You should of!

Laura said...

Jodi, when looking at this picture of Olivia I have to tell you what I noticed as a voice teacher. Her tongue is in perfect position. Her cheek bones are nice and lifted. Her mouth is wide open. We may have to work on relaxing the lips forward a little for good vowel shape - HaHa. It cracked me up when she told me my Scary Hand Song was different than her composition. If she starts singing it consistently the same, let me dictate it so you will always know how it went.