Thursday, February 24, 2011

School Picture

Not only did she smile, but she posed as well!  Smile

Olivia's school pictureIMG

Her conferences tonight went well. . .Olivia is doing very well with school.  We received an interesting tidbit of information that we were unaware of.  She can go to preschool anywhere on this side of town and her therapists will go there to work with her.  Currently, she is in the special education preschool in our school district.  I am happy with her progress so far this year.  I think we will probably go ahead and keep her there, although if any of you know of a great west side preschool, I’d love to hear from you.  I’m concerned that many have already had fall enrollment.  Anyway, she’s doing great and has definitely learned the ropes of preschool.  So proud! 


Kim said...

Knowing how sensitive Oliva is to change, I probably wouldn't move her either. As long as you're happy, and she's happy, that's what matters. If you do want another preschool, I know many, many kids who have attended Little Lambs at the church Joel, Laura, and the girls attend, and their families were all very pleased with the school.

Amanda said...

Send me a pic!! However, I loved her last one. The one that was just a regular school pose. She looked so adorable! ;)

Anonymous said...

Two of my kids so far have gone to Little Lambs at FMB. Love it! They have super teachers and they get to learn about the Bible!

Julie Hamlett