Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Currently, Olivia’s favorite past time is playing trains.  Her favorite train is Percy from Thomas the Tank Engine.  A long time ago, she decided that Thomas was mommy’s train and James was daddy’s train.  Every time we play trains together, these are our assigned trains.  Because she loves Percy so much. . she sleeps with this particular train every night.  I mean, who wouldn’t want to sleep next to something that you adore, right?  That, however, is only half of the story.  Every night she rounds up all three trains.  She makes sure Percy is nestled in bed beside her.  After bedtime stories are read and Olivia is tucked in for the night, I always find Thomas waiting for me on my side of the bed and James is waiting for daddy on his side of the bed.  What a shining example of the thoughtfulness of a three year old. . .almost brings tears to my eyes. 


bglunt said...

That is s0 sweet! Do you and Ryan drive your trains around until you are sleepy? What kind of conversation goes with this? Something like "I'll make my Knee into a hill and you can drive over it"? G-ma

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