Monday, March 28, 2011


We were at a store the other day and Olivia spied him.  Her eyes lit up and she fell in love. . .with Ducky.  Being the suckers that we are, we took him home with us.  Call it an early Easter present.  Olivia immediately told us that she loved Ducky and that  he was “one BIG duck!”  He has since had to ride in the car with her, sleep with her, play with her, etc.  So, here is the newest member of our family: Ducky!




Stacie said...

Where did you find this duckie? He's too cute.

Olivia looks rather proud of the newest family member.

Amanda said...

I JUST saw this ducky at walgreens! :) is that "the store" you got it?! 20 bucks? Apparently they migrated here to Ohio too! :)