Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Olivia had a dentist appointment today (she had her first one six months ago.)  She did really really well.  She cried just a bit, but they are really good with kids at this pediatric dentist office.  Olivia got a good report, which I was very grateful for.  Because she had rickets while in the NICU, I have worried about what that might do to her teeth.  Dental caries and misshapen teeth can be linked to rickets.  She also drinks Pediasure, which is really high in sugar, for weight gain.  And, she has these perfect, white, straight, beautiful teeth.  The dentist could not believe how white and straight they are and that they had no plaque on them.  We have a hard time brushing her teeth as well as I’d like since she has some oral aversions. . .so, I consider it quite miraculous.  Seriously, it is just a miracle that leaves me in awe of God’s power.  He continues to take care of my beautiful, little girl. 

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bglunt said...

Ryan told us last night how well she did at her check up. Way to go, Olivia! G-ma