Thursday, April 7, 2011

Olivia’s Trains

As you know, Olivia is crazy about her trains.  She loves to play at her train table, but she doesn’t always use trains for their intended purposes.  For instance, tonight we had to push her trains on the swingset.


Her trains use the potty.


Her trains are assigned their own chapsticks.  LOL.


And, her trains look at pictures with her on my iPhone. 

I tell ya, she’s crazy about her trains.  They are like her babies.  She feeds them.  She pushes them in her stroller, sleeps with them and carries them around in her purse.  If this fascination keeps up, she’s going to be having a train party for her next birthday.  How in the world do I make that girly? Every day, I enjoy seeing all the fun ways she can play with her beloved Percy and the rest of the gang. 


Stacie said...


What a sweet, smart and silly girl. :)

Mary said...

Trains run in the family. My G-pa was a train conducter, Joel wanted to be an engineer (of a train ) when he was little , and drew huge trains on computer print out paper. Somehow it changed to airplanes. She may change her mind in a few years. If not......yea trains!

Kim said...

Love it! I enjoyed swinging and playing with Percy and Olivia over spring break. I think you should have a train party. Who cares if it isn't girlie. I know what it's like to have a girl who has never been into princesses, Barbies, and pink. She hasn't had girlie themed parties either, and I'm thankful for it. Just make sure that Percy has a little cake too!! Haha!

BTW-Had I known sooner, I would have had you meet us in Dallas a week ago. They had Thomas and some of the other characters there, and you could go for a 30 minute ride on Thomas. Olivia would have loved it!

Justine (Romy's Mama) said...

Lol, that's so cute! Gosh, she's so smart!