Monday, May 16, 2011

Monday, May 16, 2011


Olivia, Izzy and Jake at the zoo

It was a beautiful day out today, so we met some friends at the zoo.  I knew it was time to leave, however, when Olivia started complaining because she didn’t want her shadow following her.  The strangest things bother her. . .like, at night she doesn’t like her room to be dark.  That’s common enough, right?  A lot of kids are afraid of the dark.  But, Olivia is not afraid of the dark, she just doesn’t like it dark because “she can’t see Lily’s mouth.”  Ahhh. . .Lily:  Her baby, her companion, her best friend.  If you look back through previous posts, you’ll notice Lily is in about every picture. . .including the one above.  She goes everywhere with us and they cannot be separated.  It’s really very endearing.  Most girls carry around a baby doll, but Olivia carries around a little frog.  Too cute!


Heather @ Cancer Mommy said...

Ella is like that with her bunny. It must go every where with us! And the dark totally freaks Ella too! We actually put white Christmas lights around her room and that has really helped.

And what a fabulous day to go to the zoo!

Alicia said...

Love that she carries her frog around with her everywhere! Kylie's security object is one of my old nightgowns, she would always fall asleep in my arms while rubbing on it and now that's what she uses to put herself to sleep at night, we have it attached to the side of the crib where she can feel it, but not get it wrapped around herself and she falls asleep with at least one hand touching it! If she wakes up during the night, she always finds the nightgown to get back to sleep. Not sure how I feel about having to drag that everywhere with us, but it's sure helping her sleep at night!

We're planning on taking Kylie to the zoo for the first time on her first birthday!

Cyndi Hendrickson said...

Hi! I'm Lilly! Sing a counting song with me! :)

I'm not sure I would want Lilly around ALL the time...hehehe

Jodi said...

LOL Cyndi! Yes, it's a bit annoying especially when it goes off at the least opportune time.