Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tonight we went to Olivia’s cousin, Izzy’s spring preschool program.  It was all about dinosaurs! Izzy currently attends Kidslink Preschool, where Olivia will go next year.  Olivia loved it!  She clapped and yelled “Yay!” after every song.  She tried to sing along with the songs and even tried to do some of the actions.  She even wanted to get up on stage with the other kids.  I think she will love going there in the fall. . .and especially love singing.  I think I will probably cry at Olivia’s first program.  I was impressed with the preschool and how well they engaged 90 or so preschoolers.  And, with how well they teach kids about God and make Him a part of their life.  Olivia has just recently requested listening to my old Kids Praise albums (put on a CD by my brother.)  She’s been listening to them since she was a baby, but now it’s like she “gets” them.  And, she wants to sing the songs and talk about what she hears.  I couldn’t be more thrilled.  She’s maturing right before my eyes.  Today, she had an eye  appointment and it was like she didn’t even need me.  She sat in the chair and did everything all by herself. . . like it was no big deal.  Gone are the days when she would scream and cry throughout the entire exam.   My baby is growing up. . .


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Anonymous said...

I totally understand. So proud of how well they are doing and how grown up they are, but also so sad that they aren't babies anymore!!