Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


This is what it looks like when you put almost an entire bottle of lotion in your hair. . .ya know, in case you wondered. Smile


Olivia had her yearly checkup with her developmental pediatrician.  Her doctor is still amazed at her progress (as am I, of course.)  We have a few concerns such as her inability to drink out of an open cup (we’ve seen 2 speech pathologists who are stumped by this) and her potty training progress.  Her doctor is also seeing signs of ADHD.  She is at high risk for this from being premature, which I didn’t realize.  For those that know Olivia, this isn’t a big surprise.  She is a very very busy little girl who has a really hard time sitting still.  She is also very impulsive and will take off running if given the chance, which is something most kids have outgrown by now.   We are going to see how she is doing in 18 months and whether it is interfering with her learning to determine the next steps to take.  Please continue to pray for her development and growth.  She is an amazing little girl and I am so honored to be her mother.  She is energetic, funny and always happy.  She has beat all the odds so far and I’m sure she’ll continue to do so and amaze us throughout her lifetime.

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Amanda said...

Oh my goodness. Lol. The lotion! I actually, while in Florida, washed MY hair all week with lotion (it was in a generic travel bottle and I thought it was conditioner) !!! My hair was sooooo flat all week! I figured it out just a few weeks ago! Lol. Maybe me and Olivia are on to something ;)