Sunday, January 8, 2012

Prayers for Paxten

Lots of prayers for Paxten please!  Paxten is the niece of my two best friends growing up.  I’ve known Paxten’s mom, Libby, since she was born.  Paxten is 22 months old and has been fighting leukemia for over a year.  She underwent a bone marrow transplant 24 days ago and is really struggling right now.  Please please say a prayer for Paxten and her amazing mommy and daddy.


Libby’s latest update:

Day +24
First off all thank you so much prayer warriors for the extra prayers and support. It has been another rough day. Paxten's oxygen and breathing had been slowly deteriorating throughout the day along with increased and higher feavers, increased fussiness, throwing up, gagging and grabbing at her chest. We were thinking it may be acid reflux but after the CT scan I think we have bigger problems than heartburn. The doctors were very concerned about the fevers and decided they did not want to wait until tomorrow for a scan. The scan showed another accumulation of fluid in her belly but it wasn't nearly as much this time. They decided to drain it and only got about 430ml off this time. But after looking at the scan I believe we have found a source for the difficult breathing.
The Dr. found what was described as "diffused nodes" throughout her lungs. Meaning, she has either some sort of fungus or a-typical bacteria all through her lungs. This could be some form of pnemonia or fungus (I am not familiar with what kinds of fungus is common in transplant patients). She said even a virus of some kind could do this to a transplant patient. She also has a small pocket of fluid in the lungs. They have no idea exactly what it is just by looking at the scan and would have to draw out some fluid to determine exactly what it is. The dr doesn't feel that Paxten is stable enough at this point to do that test. They will also be doing a respiratory panel to test for any viruses. Essentially Pax has some sort of lung disease and we don't know exactly what it is. They have started her on two additional medications to hopefully cover whatever it may be. They are watching her very closely right now since her breathing is very shallow and she is "pulling" for breath as the dr. described it. If it gets any worse we may be going to the ICU. They also saw a slight accumulation of fluid around the heart but she didn't even say much about that because I think they are more concerned with the lungs at this point.
I don't even know what to say...please just keep praying.

You can keep up with Paxten’s progress at:

Please please keep her in your prayers.

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