Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I'm sitting at the DMV waiting to renew my drivers license. It doesn't come up until Feb 1st, but I didn't want to be 9 months pregnant or with a newborn needing to go to the DMV. So, I'm suffering through the long wait now. Anyway, I was telling Olivia what I was doing today and explaining to her that you need a drivers license to drive a car. She got very concerned and said,"But, I drive my cozy coupe and I don't have a drivers license!!" So, I made her one this morning, laminated and all. Of course, she's not 4 ft tall. . .she's 40 inches tall. Preggo brain strikes again. Now, I'm going to have to redo it.

Olivia is very excited about it and relieved that she is no longer "breaking the law."
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