Thursday, November 15, 2012

Cutie Mama

Olivia has been extremely loving and affectionate lately. I get numerous hugs and I love you's daily. And this is from a girl we had to teach how to hug. ( When she was younger, she would push you away when you tried to hug her.) I've really enjoyed these last few one on one weeks with my girl before Abigail comes. Olivia regularly tells me that I'm the best mom ever which is so comforting to hear. Tonight I was feeling brave and asked her why I was the best mom ever. I was expecting some profound answer that would put to rest any insecurity I had about being a mother. And Olivia says," Because you're such a cutie mama!" Huh? LOL! Um, ok. Hopefully it has more to do with my unconditional love and devotion to her.

I had another biophysical today and Abigail scored another 8/8. She was more reluctant to move and her hand was covering her face the entire time. She definitely didn't want to be bothered. I can't believe how much our world will change in just a month's time. Hopefully someday our sleeping arrangements will get back to normal. Ryan has been sleeping in the other room for weeks because my snoring is so awful. So, then Olivia has moved into bed with me. She gets a little annoyed by my snoring, but as long as she goes to sleep first, it doesn't bother her. We went 5 years without Olivia EVER sleeping in our bed and now it's become a nightly occurrence. Not really proud of this development, but it is what it is. Olivia gets so lonely in her room at night and I fully sympathize with her because I remember feeling that same way as a child. It's an emotional subject for me. I slept with my mom for many years. Olivia has turned into me. When Abigail is older, we've considered putting them in the same room if that's what they would both want. I would have loved a sister to share a room with. . .well, until the teen years at least. Anyhow, adding a baby into the mix is really going to throw everyone off. But, hopefully my snoring will go away and everyone ( including this cutie mama) will sleep well in their proper places.


Brandi W. said...

Ryan sounds like my Husband. He said my snoring was horrible during my pregnancies! Glad that Abigail scored wonderfully on the biophysical. There will be some changes adding a baby to the house but it will be wonderful. You don't have too much longer until you meet Abigail. I can't wait to see the first picture of her and Olivia together. BTW, how are your blood sugars? Did you try the pickle trick? LOL.

Anonymous said...

I love reading these posts. It just warms my heart to see your family enjoying these times. I had to smile thinking of you bringing Abigail home and you are all going to end up sleeping in the same room! It will be wild and crazy and wonderful ;-) So excited for you guys