Saturday, January 12, 2013

Saturday, January 12, 2013

We've been dealing with cradle cap and baby acne with Abigail, both of which we never dealt with on Olivia. I think the cradle cap is looking pretty good, but her poor acne!! At least I'm assuming that's what it is?? We've switched to Dreft detergent and Aveeno baby wash. It seems to be worse after she wakes up or if she's the least bit hot and sweaty. I pretty much just wash her face and leave it alone. I am just hoping its not some sort of allergic reaction.

I have felt like my milk supply is dwindling, but I think it's my breast pump. Abigail seems to be getting plenty (she's 8.5 lbs) but when I try to pump I don't hardly get anything. I even turned the vacuum and speed on high and still didn't. So, not sure what to do. My pump is only 5 years old. It's been very difficult to build up my frozen supply because of it which makes it hard to be away from Abigail for even a small while. Is it hard on their digestive system to switch between breast milk and formula. Not sure what to do.

Anyway, things are just really stressful around here lately. And now Olivia is complaining of a sore throat. Just praying for some relief soon.


Sarah said...

Ugh, my breast pump did that too, with Reid. I'm sorry!

Brandi W. said...

Sorry about the baby acne and cradle cap. Evan had the cradle cap and Carson had the acne. Evan's home health nurse had us lather his hair/head really good with shampoo and then use a soft brush to massage the area. It worked! Both of my kids have really sensitive skin and we switched to ALL free and clear detergent. That seemed to help with Carson's skin. Good luck!

Jodi said...

Yes, just bought ALL free and clear and trying to do tons of laundry. Olivia had neither one, so it figures Abigail would have both. Abigail's dr had us use Sebulex for her cradle cap. Surely that didn't irritate her skin? It really helped her cradle cap.

Brandi W. said...

I think it's trial and error with a baby! The Sebulex was going to be our go to if the shampoo/brush thing didn't work for Evan. What kind of soap are you using? My kids use Dove unscented sensitive soap. They always broke out and got dry skin from regular baby wash. You will find the right combination!

Anonymous said...

I switched out the tubing on my pump a few days ago. Try that if you haven' made a big difference with my pump. I also try pumping after each feeding.

Emersyn had cradle cap & Schuyler has a little still. With Emersyn I used Johnsons baby soap and a soft white brush with each bath night. Schuyler has a small spot still and I have been using a wash rag with soap....seems to be slowly going away.

Haven't dealt with baby acne. Do you use lotions, perfumes, or anything that would be getting on her when she's nursing? Sanda

Jodi said...

I don't, but I switched out my soap with a fragrance free one. Her face actually looks better today. Seems to be drying out. Hoping it will continue to improve.

Weidmayer Family said...

Try replacing the little membranes on your pump (on my Medela they are the thin white rubbery things that kind of snap into the part that drops the milk into the bottle). Also, not sure which pump you have but Medela had a big recall on some of theirs back in 2011 or maybe late 2010 and it might have been yours.
The rash on Abigail looks a lot like a rash Evan got a couple of months ago that lasted for a few weeks. Here are a few things we did that seemed to help it get better:
1. it seemed heat related so we made sure he never got sweaty
2. I see you are using Aveeno baby wash - we use that (the eczema one) and the Aveeno baby eczema therapy lotion. We used the lotion twice a day and it really seemed to help
3. I cut back on my dairy. If I ate ice cream or had too much cheese, yogurt, milk in one day it seemed to make it worse. I cut back until it went away and I've been adding it back in slowly and so far have not seen it come back. It may be a temporary sensitivity.
Hope this helps!