Thursday, June 13, 2013


Well, they told us that she would sleep all day. I figured that's what a "normal" child would do, so Olivia would probably sleep for an hour. But, nope, she has slept all day and has only been up to eat two Popsicles and make me laugh. Her sense of humor always seems to shine through.

Olivia: Mom, do I smell? Smell me!!

Me: Huh?

Olivia: When Tobey ( our cat ) had surgery, he smelled different and Kelsey hissed at him. What if I smell different and she doesn't know I'm Olivia.

Kelsey: Purr, purr, snuggle.

Olivia then smiles and goes back to sleep.


Olivia's top three favorite things to do are drink chocolate milk, eat Pirate's Booty cheese puffs and watch a show on Netflix. She's on a clear liquid diet and her eyes are still puffy and blurry so she can't open them. She was quite upset about not being able to do any of those things.

So, she ate a Popsicle and listened to one of her shows.

She is now back asleep, but not before she muttered," I want my normal self back. I miss my normal self!!"

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