Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Sleep Where Art Thou

So, I am so tired. For the past two weeks I have been reliving the newborn stage or something. Teeth+shots+tummy discomfort+5 year old girl who doesn't want to sleep alone=one really tired mama. I literally got no sleep last night. It was almost comical. Except it wasn't. I'd get Abigail back to bed at 1 and she'd wake back up at 1:17. Then back to sleep at 2, wake up at 2:38. All night long. Finally got her back to sleep at 6 am and Olivia wakes up crying, so I let her get in bed with us, close my eyes and Abigail is crying. And this is with Tylenol!! Thanks to my husband who got up to feed her before work so I could get an hour of sleep!

And this is how tired I am. I was plugging my iPhone charger in around 1 am. It has these prongs that fold in. Well, whenever I try to plug it in, the prongs collapse so I thought I'd just hold them open while I plugged it in. That wasn't smart and I gave myself a good jolt. My mind is so fuzzy I'm electrocuting myself. But maybe a good shock is what I need to be re-energized. Good grief!

So, consider yourself warned. I am tired and extremely cranky. :) And if I'm wearing different colored shoes or my shirt is on backwards or I have the milk in the cupboard, you'll know why.

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Amanda said...

My goodness! That's SOME night! (can you tell I'm on my actual computer and catching up with all your blog posts?!) awww.. hope youre sleeping by now! ;)