Thursday, October 24, 2013

Thursday, October 24, 2013

My back has been giving me tons of grief lately. I'm used to neck/upper back pain, but this mid back pain is entirely new. After exhausting all of my ideas (heat, ice, Aleve, Lortab, etc) I decided to have it checked out at the doctor. I have a rhomboid strain which can be hard to recover from since I use those muscles all the time!

Picking up and carrying Abigail

Getting the stroller in and out of the van

Carrying Abigail and her pink car out of the house and down the steps to go to the bus stop every day.

Falling asleep with Abigail in the recliner.

Getting Abigail in and out of her crib

It hurts so bad I can't even take a deep breath! I'm hoping these muscle relaxers will help and not make me too loopy!

I can't even get Abigail in her crib, so she gets to nap on the floor. (And where she is, Tobey follows.)

Morning yoga hasn't helped, but Olivia loves it.

On top of it, Olivia has had a bad cold this week ( I knew that would happen after I had bragged about her being so healthy) and now Abigail has it. My poor snotty nosed babies. Hoping we all feel better soon!
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