Tuesday, December 10, 2013

March of Dimes

This video is the best description of what we went through after having twins at 23 weeks.  It shows what words cannot say.  After I showed it to Olivia and explained that today was her Homecoming Day, she exclaimed “I’m glad I stayed lived.” And then she asked if she had to go to school today. LOL!


Since we are going to be the ambassador family for March of Dimes in 2014, I’m really ramping up our fundraising efforts this year. I already have the tshirts designed and will be able to sell them online this year with a portion of the money to go to March of Dimes.  How cool is that?  I thought to myself, “We have to be the team who raises the most money in our division this year!”  Then, I thought, “No. . .I want to raise more money than we ever thought possible. . .and then I want someone to raise even more than that!” That means even MORE babies can be saved by the research that the March of Dimes does.  My goal of this entire blog has been to 1) update friends and family of Olivia’s progress and 2) to raise awareness about premature birth.  This is my opportunity to do all I can in my little corner of the world.  Please help me do so as we look ahead to 2014.  So, please pray that I can do just that and I would love you to join me in my efforts.  You can click the link on the right sidebar to sign up to walk on the Olivia and Logan team or make a donation today.  I know that times can be tough, but believe me when I say that any amount helps.  I truly believe that the biggest impact can come from the tiniest things that the world has to offer.  And your kindness will come back to you tenfold.  Thank you and God Bless!!

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