Monday, January 13, 2014

Monday, January 13, 2014

Olivia and her "Gorilli." He mostly lives downstairs due to his size, but we let him come up once in awhile. LOL! Look closely. . .he has glasses too.

Olivia loves to play soccer, but doesn't ever want to officially play on a team. Who knows. She may not like it on a team, but she sure enjoys playing it at home. . .especially with the warmer weather we've had. She's good too! You should see her drop kick the ball!

And my poor, sweet Abigail. She had had a runny nose and runny stools for almost 2 weeks. Last week that resulted in an awful diaper rash that went into a yeast rash. It looked so painful! None of the usual diaper creams helped. We had to start using Lotrimin. Thankfully, that cleared it up within a few days. Then last night she started running a fever. I took her into the doctor today and they think it's some sort of virus. Unfortunately, they heard some stridor in her breathing so hoping we aren't going to deal with croup/steroids/breathing treatments again. Sheesh. Between my 23 Weeker and 35 Weeker, who would have thought Abigail would be the one struggling the most with her lungs. Hoping she isn't going to struggle with asthma as she grows up. Here are some pictures from before she got sick.

And my sweet baby today.

She hasn't been sick since she started walking. Seeing her wandering around walking when she doesn't feel good adds a whole new level of heartbreak for some reason. Thankfully, as long as we keep her fever down, she has been okay. No coughing or anything right now. Ugh. I hate when my babies are sick. I mean hate as in " I worry so much I have panic attacks and give myself an ulcer." I hate this time of year. I feel like we are just constantly dodging bullets and everything is like a huge game of risk. Hate it. Hate it! I just always want my family to be healthy and happy. Anyway, so that's what has been going on over here. Hope your family is staying healthy!!

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Anonymous said...

Kids get sick. There is no reason to worry. To be honest, their illnesses are a lot easier to deal with if you 'deal with them' but also carry on a normal life, rather than letting your life revolve around the sick child. I hope this doesn't sound like I'm being mean or youngest was completely healthy until they found a tumour in her spine. She had a huge operation to remove the tumour and now she's not allowed to do any sports until it heals. She just walks while her sisters ski, she misses swimming lessons etc but if we were to worry just about her, the rest of the family would suffer and that's way harder to handle.

Jodi said...

Oh I'm an equal opportunity worrier. LOL! Unfortunately anxiety can't be controlled very easily. I'm working on it. :-)

Anonymous said...

Good to hear...I read your blog a youngest is 3 days younger than olivia.

Sarah Johnson said...

My 38 week, full term baby has had breathing treatments many, many times. His older sister, a 26 weeker has NEVER had them. These big sisters are pretty amazing! Hope Abigail feels better soon.