Tuesday, January 7, 2014


As you know, Olivia's hamster passed away on Christmas Eve. He lost use of his back legs and could not reach his water bottle. Our vet was closed and the emergency vet didn't handle exotics or anything other than dogs or cats. So, I called my sister in law and got the number to her vet. They were open. So, Ryan took Pinky in and there was nothing they could do for him and we didn't want him to suffer. So, we had him put to sleep.

Yesterday, Olivia got a package in the mail from that vet's office.

How very sweet and thoughtful. Especially for a little hamster and for people who are not even regular clients. If we didn't love our vet so much, we would change. Olivia will treasure it forever. And I won't lie. . .I kinda teared up too.

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