Saturday, February 15, 2014

Trip To A Museum

We were looking for something different to do today, so we decided to go to the Museum of World Treasures. I had actually never been. Olivia and Abigail were absolute angels the entire time (of course, you have to adjust to Olivia's pace which doesn't give you much time to look at things.) But, that is just the way she is. I expected a lot of replicas, but they had some pretty neat stuff including Abraham Lincoln's actual cane. Olivia is currently really into the Magic Tree House books. The one we read yesterday was about mummies in Ancient Egypt. So it was pretty cool for her to see two actual mummies, a sarcophagus, scepters, pictures of pyramids, hieroglyphics, etc.

Olivia loved the dinosaurs of course!

She especially liked that this guy's name was Logan (because he was found in Logan County.)

They have a pretty neat children's play area that both girls loved! Here is Abigail waiting for Olivia's puppet show to start.

Abigail was so pleased with herself for getting up into the chair all by herself! She loved playing at the little table like such a big girl!

She was just beaming with pride! What a cutie! And what a fun afternoon!

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