Thursday, March 13, 2014

15 Month Checkup

Better late than never, right? Abigail has been sick for the past couple weeks with a horrible cough so I had to reschedule it. We finally went yesterday and you know that you have no worries about your child when you spend it talking about your other child. Here are Abigail's stats (if I don't put them on the blog, I will lose the paper and forget them.)

Weight: 24 lbs - 63rd percentile
Height: 30.5 inches - 43rd percentile
Head circumference: 48 cm - 90th percentile

Holy cow, she has a big head. No wonder I can't get shirts to fit her because I can't get them over her head. But, it has to be big for her big 'ole brain. This girl is so very smart. She is very advanced for her age in the things she is able to do. She has already used the potty about 4-5 times and knows exactly what she is supposed to do. And she thinks she needs to do everything big sister does. She also already knows how to throw a temper tantrum and can be very very stubborn. And at this age she still looks really cute doing it. LOL! She is very sweet, very loving and loves cuddling up in the chair to read books.

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