Monday, April 28, 2014

Kitty Kelsey

Olivia is not much of a dog person as they are a little too "in your face" for her.  She, however, LOVES her cat.  Cats have been so good for her. As a baby and toddler, Olivia did not like to be hugged or really touched that much. She had to learn how to accept a cat's affection and not shy away from it. She still struggles with this a bit, but now gives the best hugs (mainly because we just kept hugging her anyway.) Kelsey didn't start out being anyone's particular cat, but she sure attached herself to Olivia and now the two of them are the sweetest pair.  In fact, Olivia wants a Kelsey party for her next birthday because "that is what she's really into" right now.  LOL!  Hopefully they make diluted calico plates?  

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