Saturday, April 5, 2014

Not Giving Up

It has been much harder than I thought to start running. First I had tons of knee pain. I figured out that I over pronate and needed shoes with more support. So I bought new shoes and still had pain. I had to completely rest my knees for a bit. I had gotten to week 4 when I had to stop. I bought a Gazelle Edge to use that is easier on my knees and added in some strengthening and a lot more stretching.

I started running again last week, but had to start completely over at week 1. My knee pain, thankfully, is gone. Today, however, I've hit another brick wall. I checked my blood sugar before I left and it was 104. When I returned from my 30 minute run/walk, my blood sugar was 46. A blood sugar of 50 is hypoglycemic. A blood sugar of 40 is critical and puts you at risk of losing consciousness. So. . .great. Apparently now I get exercise induced hypoglycemia. I knew exercise lowered my blood sugar, but didn't think it would drop it by 50! Now I have to make a few more changes. I'm going to monitor it more closely, eat carbs beforehand, carry glucose tablets and possibly wear a diabetes bracelet. If I were to collapse, no one would know what was wrong with me. I also might get a running buddy or run at the Y.

Running has proven to be a lot more difficult than I anticipated. But it has lowered my blood sugar (albeit too much) and helped my restless legs and my mood. So I will continue and someday I'll run a 5k. It may be awhile, but someday you'll see pictures of it on here. At least that's the plan.

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