Friday, January 5, 2018

Happy New Year

Update on everyone. . .

Olivia - She is in the 4th grade and doing well.  Next year, for 5th grade, she leaves the school that she has been at since preschool and has a lot of anxiety about that.  I know, however, that she will surprise even herself and do fabulously.  She still deals with gastroparesis (delayed stomach emptying) and is on growth hormone injections.  She started those this past summer and finally made it past 50 lbs for her 10th birthday.  She does have mild autism and adhd, but to me she is just Olivia.  I couldn't (nor would I want to) imagine her any different.  She has the kindest heart of anyone I've ever met.  She loves cats and peacocks!  Her dream is to be a preschool teacher someday and her compassion and empathy would make her a great one!!

Abigail - She is in her last year of preschool and will go to kindergarten next year.  She is growing by leaps and bounds and has a very engineering/mathematical mind like her daddy.  She could do addition and subtraction problems all day (unlike Olivia and I) She also likes to build things and draw (and watch YouTube videos and tutorials.)  She once made a dress for Barbie out of a sock because she saw it on youtube.  Ha!  She loves horses and unicorns!  My girls are SO different and yet are the very best of friends.

Ryan - He is still working as a software architect where he has been for almost 10 years now.  I can't believe that he has been there that long (and we finally made it to our first company Christmas party.) I'm so proud of how hard he works to provide for his family.

Me - I started substitute teaching part time in November.  It provides me with a lot of flexibility and allows me to be involved at my daughter's school.  It is scary to walk into unknown classrooms and have 10 minutes to learn how the day will go.  Subbing has been kind of a fear of mine that I'm trying to overcome.  I'm still painting and making signs, but not nearly as much as I had been.  I do enjoy the creative expression and still have an etsy shop at showmeasigndesigns.  I've still been dealing with some health issues that my endo is trying to get to the bottom of . ..migraines, weight gain, fatigue, hair loss, etc.  Currently, he thinks it is due to my thyroid, but time will tell.

Anyway, that is kind of what has been going on in a nutshell.  I look forward to the blessings that 2018 will hold (even though that means I will turn 40. Ha!)

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