Tuesday, September 18, 2007

September 18, 2007 - Evening Update

Logan is doing a little better tonight. He has started urinating again due to the dopamine that was given. His blood pressure is better. His vent settings are still 28/6 (pressure) but with a rate of 30 breaths per minute. His oxygen requirements have still been sitting at 80-100% He had some additional tests run today including a sonogram of his liver. We don’t yet know everything that is going on with him, but he’s a tough little boy and he’s fighting so very hard. Please keep him in your prayers.

Olivia is doing well. She is now being fed 9cc of milk and had her first spontaneous stooling without the help of a suppository (who would have thought that these kind of things would just make our day.) Daddy was able to hold her tonight and also take her temperature and wipe her mouth. She is opening her eyes a lot more and it’s so heartwarming to look into her little eyes. She is now up to 1 lb 10 oz!! Please pray that she continues to get stronger every day.


Anonymous said...

What wonderful news on both babies, and what a nice picture of Ryan holding Olivia! Tonight is our Prayer fellowship and we will, again, prray in a circle of love, holding hands as one for you and the babies. May God show His grace on you, again! Mary and Ed

Anonymous said...

Aw, yoyr babies are so cute

Anonymous said...


i hope they get better

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