Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tuesday, May 27, 2008 - Update

Okay, Daddy, this isn't exactly what I meant when I said I wanted a pony.
Olivia has recently really found her voice and loves to scream and squeal just for grins and giggles. She decided to do this today in the waiting room at the eye doctors.' It soon turned into wailing and crying as she was not happy to be there today. Her poor doctor was trying to explain things to me and I was bouncing her around trying to soothe her. The good news is she is happier tonight and. . .she doesn't have to wear her patch for the next 2 weeks! At that time, I am actually switching to another pediatric ophthalmologist (there is only one other doctor in town) as her current one is leaving at the end of the summer. Hopefully, I'll like him just as much. His office happens to be a lot closer to us.

This fatigue that I have. . .I need to do something about it. I've always told people, "Someday they are going to find a reason for my constant tiredness" as I've had it for many years. It has just gotten worse lately and I'm sure emotional fatigue has something to do with it as well. It doesn't matter if I wake up at 7 am, 10 am or noon. . .I never feel rested. I'm about ready to start drinking coffee. Luckily, this fatigue hasn't affected my reflexes. On the way home from Olivia's appointment, a truck. . . directly in front of me. . . blew a tire, spun out of control and scared me half to death. I am, however, a cautious driver (especially when Olivia is with me) and I was far enough behind to stop. And, everyone behind me stopped. Not something, however, that I want to relive anytime soon. . .

Happy 9 month birthday to my precious Olivia!! I love you more and more each day!


Kerry said...

Happy 9 Months Olivia P! Glad to hear about the patch.

Jodi, have you ever been tested for Epstein-Barr Virus/Disease? I had a kid on my caseload with it--it's the virus that causes mono, but can also cause chronic fatigue syndrome. Have you ever had mono?

Kerry said...


Just a tidbit on Epstein-Barr

Kerry said...

Name that caption: Okay, Daddy, this isn't exactly what I meant when I said I wanted a pony.