Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sunday, May 25, 2008 - Update

I wasn't really scared. . .

Well, last night Olivia woke up. . .afraid. . . for the first time during a thunderstorm. In the past, she has slept right through them. I don't blame her. With the lightning, thunder, and hail pounding at her window, I would have been afraid to. So, I was up with her for awhile early this morning. This weather that we've been having has not been very fun. Between the humidity, wind, rain, storms. . .I have missed our walks around the neighborhood.

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Kerry said...

Oh poor baby. But how great was it to be able to comfort her through her first scary thunderstorm?

And I agree. Let's combine our weird sleeping issues. I woke up constantly this morning as well! Augh! I did end up going back to sleep until 9:30 this time though.

Hope to see you all very soon! Thinking of you this Memorial Day weekend.